The Five Lions of the Volta – A Story of Romance, Greed, and Danger in Africa

Allan Sinclair, 40-year-old owner of his biotech firm that desperately needs to develop new drugs, thinks he may have found a cure for Alzheimer’s using the chemical properties of the native West African Nutmeg.

He excitedly tells his girlfriend of six months, Lisa, who is a junior partner in a Venture Capital firm. She shares the information with her senior partner, Scott, whose mother suffers from the disease, hoping to cheer him up.

The-Five-Lions-of-the-VoltaBut instead of passively accepting the good news, Scott springs into action, causing Allan to break up with Lisa when he learns of her (innocent) indiscretion. Scott discovers his biochem lab partner in college, John, is now a University professor working on a similar project, and fast forwards John’s development plans with the help of a quickly raised few million dollars from a major pharmaceutical company.

This takes them to Ghana, where they encounter Richard Akromah, a college educated anti-government rebel who after years of hiding in the jungle is seeking an amnesty and a chance to return to the life of an ordinary Ghanaian citizen. Though initially a dangerous threat, they soon realize Richard’s guile and pragmatism are critical to their project’s success.

Forced to make a deal with the devil, Scott, John and Lisa become entwined in Richard’s family history, including some retired KGB agents who also want to profit from Richard’s new found opportunities.

Finding herself alone in Africa working on the Alzheimer’s project, Lisa’s affections turn to Richard’s family and two little orphaned girls she stumbles upon whom she helps put in a local orphanage. Her professional future now rests with the Alzheimer’s project, and her emotional future rests with the need to save Richard’s family, as well as the two little girls.

A fascinating story of what happens when Western business meets the reality of African society and politics—with a taste of Cold War machinations thrown in for good measure, as Akromah’s past association with the KGB come back to haunt him. Told in a way that does not transform the African characters into caricatures, and which portrays the landscape and society in a credible way.

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