About Larry

Larry started his Wall Street career in 1980, spending the first twenty years developing, marketing, and promoting investment products for corporate and wealthy investors. Writing was just one tool of communicating and promoting, combining it with video and personal presentations to help “tell a story”.

The market crash of 2008 created many stories to be told, yet all the media were caught up in the “blame game” attempting to explain how and why it happened. No one told the story of despair and desperation that everyone lived through, which many have still not recovered from.

In Larry’s thriller, we live that despair and desperation through the lives of highly successful professionals, who react in desperation when suddenly cast with the prospect of abject failure. When that prospect of failure invades their personal lives and relationships, the stakes become even higher, as they lose touch with what life could be like in a “regular job”.

Larry continues his Wall Street career managing his client’s portfolios in a large full service brokerage firm. He writes evenings and week-ends, balancing his work and family life. Many of the scenes he writes are drawn upon experiences from his work, friends, college, travelling, and hobbies.

He is currently working on a sequel to his first novel.